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Smoothing Over Acne Scars

Think about your skin. Just like your computer, couldn’t it use a reboot? Bellafill gives your skin the chance to erase the damage from old acne breakouts. After Bellafill, watch as discernable scars fade from sight!

There are many benefits to a Bellafill treatment for acne scars:

  • It’s simple—one short visit to a provider and you are done.

  • It’s safe. The FDA has approved its use for the improvement of scarred skin.

  • It’s lasting. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Bellafill treatments give you improvements lasting up to a year.

  • It’s restorative. The combination of the collagen and the microspheres in the formulation not only fills gaps and crevices, but also creates a supportive base for additional collagen production.

  • It’s noticeable. Your skin will look and feel smoother. In fact, in a survey of patients who used Bellafill to treat acne scars, 90 percent said they were still satisfied one year later.

There is an added benefit that many people don’t realize until after their Bellafill treatment. Seeing scars fade is emotionally transformative, too. Self-perceptions change.

Sara, a personal trainer in Hollywood, suffered rough acne scars on her cheeks. She often felt ashamed of her appearance and tried to cover her face, even while working out. She decided to try Bellafill.

“All these divots I couldn’t get rid of before that were quite deep were now evening out,” Sara shared.

She noticed that her skin was fresher and smoother, and she then saw her whole behavior change. She no longer felt compelled to cover up and hide.

People remark on her transformation, but the look is so natural they assume she is just doing something to boost her complexion. “I love my skin now. It’s only getting better… I feel great about how I look. Absolutely,” Sara reflected.

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