Blu U by Levulan

BLU U by Levulan (Photodynamic Therapy)

What is photodynamic therapy?

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a skin treatment that destroys precancerous spots called Actinic Keratoses. PDT is performed in our office and is done by applying a liquid called Levulan to the sun damaged areas of your skin containing actinic keratoses. Levulan also known as 5-Aminolevulinic acid or ALA, when applied to the skin, accumulates inside the precancerous cells and causes them to become sensitive to blue light. The Levulan treated skin is then exposed to blue light resulting in destruction of the actinic keratoses.

How is the BLU U procedure (PDT) performed?

Photodynamic therapy is performed in our office by our clinical staff in the following manner.

The skin area to be treated is first washed with soap and water to remove surface debris and this is followed by an acetone wipe to remove residual oils from the skin. Levulan, a clear alcohol-based liquid, is applied to the sun damaged areas of your skin and left on for (between) 1-3 hours (depending on the site to be treated). Levulan is selectively taken up by precancerous cells which then become very sensitive to blue light. The final step in the treatment process involves sitting in front of a blue light source called a “BLU U”, which is a U-shaped array of light bulbs which emit a blue light. Exposure to blue light destroys the precancerous cells treated with Levulan and leaves normal skin undamaged. This step takes approximately 17 minutes.

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