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PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, spun for platelet-rich plasma separation, and then injected into the scalp.

PRP therapy process

PRP therapy is a three-step process. Most PRP therapy requires three treatments, 4–6 weeks apart. Maintenance treatments are required every 4–6 months.

Step 1

Your blood is drawn — typically from your arm — and put into a centrifuge (a machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities).

Step 2

After about 10 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood will have separated into in three layers:

  • platelet-poor plasma
  • platelet-rich plasma
  • red blood cells

Step 3

The platelet-rich plasma is drawn up into a syringe and then injected into areas of the scalp that need increased hair growth.

There hasn’t been enough research to prove whether PRP is effective. It’s also unclear for whom — and under what circumstances — it’s most effective.

Effects of PRP Scalp Treatments  

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is concentrated with platelets from your own blood. Platelets are a naturally occurring substance in your blood that play an essential role in clotting. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets, PRP contains several growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. PRP has been used in orthopedics for decades and more recently it has been used for aesthetic purposes in the scalp. PRP has been shown to have overall rejuvenating effects on the scalp as in strengthening existing hair follicles.  

Results are generally visible at three weeks and continue to improve gradually over the next three to six months. Generally, three to four initial treatments are advised, however, more may be indicated for some individuals. Current data shows results may last 18-24 months. Once your results are achieved, maintenance treatments may be required to maintain your results.  

How Does PRP Scalp Treatment Work? 

Vial(s) of blood are taken from your arm which is typically more than normally taken for routine blood tests. The blood is then placed in a vial and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and the plasma. The process concentrates the platelet count to 5 times more than normal.  This platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp with the intention of causing regeneration. PRP causes a mild inflammation that triggers the healing cascade. As the platelets organize in the clot, they release a number of enzymes to promote healing and tissue responses including attracting stem cells to repair the damaged area.   


  • For best results 3 treatments every 2 weeks may be required. Followed by monthly maintenance for 3 treatments 
  • Recommended to undergo maintenance treatment every 6 – 12 months following initial course of treatment  

After PRP Scalp Treatments:  

  • Lingering soreness of scalp x 24-48hrs  
  • Slowing of hair shedding and gradual hair growth and over next 3 – 6 months  
  • New hair growth typically noticed after the 2nd or 3rd treatment, with maximum effect occurring 3-9 months following 3rd treatment. More treatments may be necessary if hair loss is severe or you want to increase the speed of hair growth.  
  • Treatment effects, with potential for continued improvement, persists 6-12 months after last treatment   
  • While we cannot guarantee regrowth of new hair, rate of hair loss drastically declines in nearly 100% of patients while receiving treatments and for an average of 6-12 months following the last procedure  
  • We do advise that you support the PRP treatment with Hair vitamins and collagen at home to maximize the quality of the hair.  

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